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Christmas Comedy Club.


A prime example of our approach is Christmas Comedy Club with Lost Voice Guy for ITV on Christmas Eve. We positioned Lee Ridley aka Lost Voice Guy at the heart of a big glossy comedy entertainment show. Booking some of the biggest names in comedy such as Bill Bailey, Omid Djalili, Joel Dommett and Rosie Jones, the show was a festive treat for all the family. We also believe it was the first time a primetime show had two people with cerebral palsy on the same sofa.

The show was a ratings and press success and ITV recommissioned the show for the following Christmas 2022.
In our second show, we went even bigger and challenged people’s views of what a disabled host could deliver. We flew Lee in on wires and created a mobile presenting vehicle so Lee could move about the set as any other presenter would. This more ambitious show included highlights such as a ventriloquist dummy version of Lost Voice Guy known as Lost Voice Boy, Dara O’Briain considering a double act with Lee as the Stephen Hawking of the entertainment world, wheelchair dancers, and a big rap musical finale with Abandoman.

Jokes Only A ....... Can Tell.

Jokes Only A … Can Tell is a short form comedy format commissioned by C4.  This format tackles head on the idea that being woke means you can’t be funny. It is all about context and authenticity. Being very funny can be a powerful tool in tackling prejudice and a brilliant way of cutting through the confusion surrounding so many issues.


In each themed episode, we cast comedians who represent a sector of society to tell jokes about their own community.  Their lived experience and personal journey gives permission to make the jokes that others may not dare to try.  Funny, challenging, enlightening and laugh out loud Jokes Only A ….. Can Make is a safe place for dangerous jokes.  It is also a brilliant platform for new talent as well as the more experienced introducing them to a wide audience. It is also effortlessly diverse.

The series was a hit delivering impressive data:

  • Muslim – 18.5 x higher number of posts than anything in previous 21 days, 88 x more shares, 10 x more than 1 min views, 18 x more comments and 3 x average viewing times. Viewing figure of 4m.

  • Nigerian – 7.6 x higher posts in previous 21 days, 34 x more shares, 4 x 1 min views, twice the average viewing time.

  • Lesbian – 6.1 x higher posts in previous 21 days, 3 x shares, 9 x more comments…….the list of successful stats just continues. Even the least successful ep was still on par with average digital performance.


A second series was commissioned in collaboration with TikTok working with their coverage of the Edinburgh Comedy Festival.

Our third series goes out on March 19th and includes Jokes Only…..Irish, Immigrants, Muslims, Scottish, Indian, Neurodivergent, NHS Workers …Can Tell.

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