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‘Put in the hours and don’t be afraid to fail’, say Britain’s top black founders

Finalists of the Black British Business Awards 2022 hope to inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs

Finalist Trix Worrell, already an award-winning writer and director who has worked with the likes of Denzel Washington and Ridley Scott, says entrepreneurs must find the “ying to [their] yang”.

Trix Worrell's media company Distant Voices was turning over more than £1m within six months


He adds: “Having somebody who is detached from the emotional journey, who is strategic in mindset and methodical in their approach to driving the business forward, is for me essential.”

Worrell started media company Distant Voices in 2021 with the aim of building a bridge into the industry for minority groups, and industry veteran and former Sky executive Celia Taylor was one of its first major hires. Within six months of its launch it was already turning over more than £1m.

Further down the line, another question entrepreneurs must answer is whether or not they want to lose equity in their firm in order to raise external funding. Worrell declined a lucrative offer in order to maintain Distant Voices' independence as a black organisation, but it meant having a solid plan to grow organically was vital.


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